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Best Teams to win Rugby World Cup 2019

Is there an official time to get thrilled for the Rugby World Cup in Japan?

Well, Certainly not.

However, nobody will blame you for dusting off your old-school jersey and checking YouTube for those endless matches and highlights of the Rugby World 2015 in England. That is, of course, if you are an English fan. The Red Rose had the most dreadful World cup in 2015, and they had to go through the unwanted statistic of being the first nation to be knocked out of a World Cup in the group stages.

The All Blacks and the Springboks are in the same group. Which could be the best thing for them. And it is bad news for everyone else. With the end of the Six Nations, the next thing to look ahead is the Rugby World Cup 2019.

Rugby World Cup 2019 is will take place in Japan from the 20th September to the 2nd November, with over 20 nations competing. New Zealand are the defending world champions. They have won the 2011 edition and then successfully defended the title with a second straight victory in 2015. Can they win for the third time this year, or will we see a different champion?

Best teams in Contention for the Rugby World Cup 2019


The two top contenders for experts in the past few months have been either Ireland or New Zealand. New Zealand and South Africa are in the same pool this year and while New Zealand are still largely considered as favorites to win the World Cup, South Africa is considered to be the only team in the pool capable of causing an upset and taking down New Zealand.

The Irish team has not reached a single Semifinals, let alone winning the World Cup. They had a strong year in 2018 and despite a rocky start in 2019, they took the Grand Slam victory at the Six Nations. Ireland managed to defeat New Zealand for the first time on home soil. It is difficult to predict with their current form, but they may have a great chance of winning the Rugby World Cup this year. Wales, on the other hand, have admitted they will probably face the best sides in the world. Having said that, Wales did defeat Ireland in the Six Nations final and secure a grand slam victory.

After this victory, Wales are now considered among the best teams to win the Rugby World cup 2019. However, it is easier said than done. We will have to wait and see if they will manage it.

Toughest Pool

Pool C is going to be the toughest pool in this year’s tournament, with England, France and Argentina all looking for a spot in the quarter-finals. All three teams are great nick but England is slightly behind Ireland and New Zealand. So, we may at least see them come out on top of the pool table.

Rugby World Cup 2019 is still anyone’s game, but the definite favorites are Ireland or New Zealand. So, what do you think? Will we see the New Zealand team winning again or will some other team will dominate the Rugby World Cup 2019?


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